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What is Butterfly Beats? 

evidence-based / clinically proven

Butterfly Beats is built from the passion to spread joy and healing to all through the creative medium of music. 

Music is an extremely powerful, clinically-proven healing modality. 

Science has proven music to be an incredible tool for learning, recovery, and discovery. Music is not isolated to one part of our brains - it activates a vast range of the neuronetwork, creating stronger neuropathways and more depth to our mind-body connection. 

With the use of Music Therapy combined with other holistic healing modalities, such as Reiki, Sound Baths, and Yoga; Butterfly Beats has created a unique treatment plan to experience relief from pain, empowerment for self-expression, lasting benefits of recovery, coping mechanisms to take charge of your wellness, and a proven increase in overall quality of life. 

For all ages, from pre-natal to end-of-life, 

Butterfly Beats is here for YOU & your LOVED ones. 

Healing mind - body - soul.

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