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Live Music Meditation

Butterfly Beat’s live music meditations add a unique inclusion of voice, acoustic or amplified guitar, singing bowls, and a variety of other sound healing instruments and options for adding essential oils and incense.

Using the music therapy technique of “rhythmic entrainment,” Brie is able to entrain to the breathing of the meditation participants and significantly lower their heart rates while raising their oxygen saturation. This technique, based off the “ISO Principle” allows for the practitioner to meet each and every client where they are at in order to gently guide them to a heightened relaxation state. 

A meditation participant once had their FitBit on and noticed that her heart rate had decreased lower than when she actually sleeps. Another participant dealing with substance abuse recovery mentioned that he’d never thought he’d be able to reach such a state of relaxation sober.

Butterfly Beats live music meditations can be customized to be included with other healing modalities, inclusive of essential oils, reiki, restorative yoga, vocal and breath work.   

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