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Customized Songwriting

Great as Gifts for Newlyweds & Newborns

Butterfly Beats' founder, Brie, believes in the power of songwriting for self-expression and memory-making. Upon request of many individuals, couples, and families she's worked with, Brie offers a customized songwriting service. 

Included in this service, Brie will work with the person(s) requesting the song, asking them questions for music style preferences and what the song's intention is.  

Lyrics are written from the words captured during this interview. Drafts will be provided throughout so that the client's wishes for the song are honored. 

A fully produced, downloadable version of the song will be provided as well as a lyric document. 

* Option to have Brie record favorite songs in a more lullaby / ballad type style (with lyric customization if desired) is also available upon request. 

Customized Songwriting: About Me
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